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R V Muraleedharan         

R V Muraleedharan was engaged in scientific research before taking up Indus Script decipherment full-time. He is actively engaged in the decipherment of the Indus Script for more than a decade. Some of his scientific research publications, wholly authored by him, are given below.


1.     Variation of slope in Avrami plot by R.V.Muraleedharan, Scripta Materialia, vol 30, p. 1387, 1999

2.     Kinetic Compensation due to pseudo reaction mechanism by R.V. Muraleedharan, Journal of Thermal Analysis, vol. 41, p.53, 1994

3.     The effect of Temperature lag on Activation Energy determined by non-isothermal Analysis by R.V. Muraleedharan, Therrmochimic Acta. , vol. 179, p.341, 1991

4.     On Structural Transition in Metallic Glasses by R.V. Muraleedharan, Phisica Status Solidi (A), vol.125, p. K83, 1991. 

5.     On Johnson-Mehl-Avrami Equation by R.V. Muraleedharan, Journal of Thermal Analysis, vol.37, p. 2729, 1991

The results of R V Muraleedharan's original discoveries on Indus Valley Scripts are published on this web site.